C.R.A.F.T. Days

Youth CRAFT Days are modeled after the Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training which aims to increase educational opportunities for apprentices through on-farm learning experiences.  Youth CRAFT Days are intended to build relationships and collaboration between youth food justice organizations and learn from experienced practitioners.  Youth CRAFT Days are hosted by participating youth organizations and by other partners providing relevant training.  These half-day experiences provide leadership opportunities for the youth hosts and give participants a broader view of the food-justice movement.

 Download a copy of our UPDATED- 2017 CRAFT Day Calendar .

Would you like to host a Youth CRAFT Day? Host organizations receive a stipend to cover refreshments and supplies, and can expect 20-50 participants depending on schedule and your capacity.  The season for Youth CRAFT Days is April-October, and we hold our annual summit in November. Youth CRAFT Days may be held weekdays and Saturdays.

This is a skill sharing and learning experience. Please ensure that your proposals reflect such requirements. Submit an agenda, after completing your proposal form, to theyfjn@gmail.com for further selection.

Please fill out the form correctly. Proposals are due on MARCH 10TH, 2018.


Upcoming C.R.A.F.T. Days


The network is currently in our planning months. Visit us in March for our full CRAFT Day schedule.
However, if you are interested in hosting please fill out the CRAFT Day Proposal Form .

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